Florian Bernard


Assistant Professor at University of Bonn

contact: f.bernardpi::gmail::com


10/2021: I joined the Department of Visual Computing at University of Bonn as Assistant Professor and head of the ‘Learning and Optimisation for Visual Computing’ group.

09/2021: Our paper Sparse Quadratic Optimisation over the Stiefel Manifold with Application to Permutation Synchronisation has been accepted at NeurIPS 2021.

05/2021: I received a CVPR 2021 Outstanding Reviewer Award.

03/2021: Two submissions were accepted and selected for oral presentation at CVPR 2021:
o Isometric Multi-Shape Matching
o i3DMM: Deep Implicit 3D Morphable Model of Human Heads

10/2020: Two ACM Transactions on Graphics (TOG) papers, to be presented at SIGGRAPH Asia, are now available:
o PIE: Portrait Image Embedding for Semantic Control
o RGB2Hands: Real-Time Tracking of 3D Hand Interactions from Monocular RGB Video

04/2020: I joined the Chair of Computer Vision & Artificial Intelligence at TU Munich as Visiting Professor.

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Useful resources

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